Rhys Williams’ Internship at Department of Justice in DC!

Rhys Williams PhotoGreetings from Washington, DC!   I have had the tremendous opportunity to spend this semester at an internship at the Department of Justice: Public Integrity Section, though Nebraska Wesleyan’s Capitol Hill Internship Program. Immersing myself in Washington, DC and working at my internship have provided a once in a lifetime experience. Because of this, I have been exposed to a great amount of diversity, grown my professional skills, and have improved myself as a communicator.

From the first day I arrived at my office building (a block and a half from the White House!), I began working on investigation-related research, which served as a strong indicator of what was in store for the rest of the semester. As an undergraduate intern, I provided assistance to attorneys and paralegals around the office whenever needed. This set the stage for tremendous exposure to some pretty awesome subject matter. Criminal prosecutors working for the Department of Justice work with some of the most exciting legal cases in the country, and being a part of that process was truly great. There has also been a great diversity in the tasks I have performed. Performing financial analyses, conducting research, transcribing audio recordings and creating file logs via Excel are just a few examples of my responsibilities.

In addition to the exciting subject matter of my work, the office environment and culture has been positive and welcoming. While I enjoy my work a great deal, being able to talk to professionals throughout the office has been amazing. Each person brings their individual experience and perspective to their jobs, and absorbing their advice has been invaluable. Thanks to my Communication Studies Courses, I have both the confidence and skills necessary to interact with these impressive professionals. I have been able to watch the whole section come together for strategy sessions, which displayed the tremendous group mentality that the Public Integrity Section possesses.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have this opportunity at the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice. The skills I have acquired will definitely help me grow as a scholar and young processional. Living in Washington, DC and being a member of an amazingly talented and motivated team is an experience I won’t soon forget!


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Meet our Communication Student of the Week… Gabriel Rivera

Gabriel Rivera

Hometown: Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico

Birthday: October 27, 1995

Major/Minor: Communication and Art, Marketing Minor

Favorite Food: Macaroons

Future Goals: Work at Disney doing their advertisements!

Favorite Comm. Memory: Doing Yoga for the first time in my life with Karla!

Who is your celebrity crush? Tina Fey

If you were stuck on an island and could only have one thing, what would it be? My “Bossypants” book! Or a Nintendo 3DS full of old school Nintendo games.

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Taylor Runge’s Summer Internship with Her View From Home


Before declaring a communication major I thought my career choices were limited in the psychology field. Once I became more familiar with the communication field, I realized there are nearly unlimited possibilities for a future career. The list seemed overwhelming; how was I supposed to choose which career I would like best? I did not have time to explore each option and intern in each different position. Lucky me, I found an internship that would allow me to explore multiple different fields of communication during one summer.

I had been writing for Her View From Home for about 2 months when I first heard they were looking for interns. Although it was only November and I wouldn’t be doing my senior internship for 6 months I contacted one of the editors of the site to learn more about the opportunity. I told her that I would love to be considered for a position the next summer and I would keep in touch. After considering different options for my Senior Internship I contacted Leslie in the spring inquiring about a the internship over the summer. After weeks of corresponding with Leslie and being offered a position I decided to accept and become the Communication & Editing Intern for Her View From Home. I was told that the internship would consist of multiple different tasks and projects and I would be able to gain experience in several different areas of communication. Considering my limited experience I knew this would be a great opportunity to learn more about my future career options.

As soon as I returned home to Kearney for the summer I dove right in. I met with Leslie at the end of May to go over the expectations and requirements during my internship. I was thrilled to hear that she already had projects for me to start working on and I was anxious to get started. During my time with HVFH I would be reporting to Leslie Means, co-founder and editor. I would also be in touch with HVFH’s second founder and editor, Jennifer Sill. While the site also has co-editors and several weekly writers, I work directly under Jen and Leslie helping them encourage, engage, and assist the other writers and co-editors. My internship has put me in the position of an editor, like Jen and Leslie. Although I was put in such a big role I still worked under many of the other co-editors and managers. The organizational culture of HVFH encourages everyone to work together and on the same level regardless of status and position. It was a unique environment fueled by self-motivation, passion, and determination.

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Caitie Cornelius’ Summer Internship at Pinewood Bowl, Inc.

Cornelius Internship

This summer I had the opportunity of interning at Pinewood Bowl, Inc. This organization has been around since 1949, yet most people in the Lincoln area have never heard of it! It’s a pre-professional, non-profit theater that puts on an annual musical in the summer. I had been involved with this organization for seven years prior to looking into interning for them. Being involved for that long ensured that this would be an internship I would be passionate about. I am the marketing intern this summer which means that I work closely with the Executive Producer on projects such as booking cast appearances, creating social media activities for the audience members and helping create the look of their advertising.

One of the projects that I did on my own was creating five or six merchandising ideas for the musical this summer. I came up with things such as a VIP package that would reserve seats for eight audience members and would get them a backstage pass for an added cost. All of my ideas were meant to add to the profit the show would bring in at the end of the run. Once I came up with these ideas, I put together a packet of information outlining each idea. I included logistical details as well as the cost to the organization and the suggested selling price. The most intimidating part of this project was pitching these ideas to the Board of Directors. I had to use my public speaking skills to address the board and communicate the pros of these ideas in an effective and efficient manner.

I learned a lot about how the organizational side of the theater works. The people working for a theater and especially a community theater have to rely on each other to make the production a success. From the director to the board of directors to the costumer, we all have to communicate in order to have a “better than last year” production. This is much like the systems theory I’ve learned about in my Communication Studies classes.

I truly believe that theater and the fine arts a crucial part of society and this opportunity allowed me to show that to so many other people. The fact that I was able to create this internship made it that much more meaningful to me and even gave me some ideas as to what I might want a career in! We had record audiences this year and I hope that even more people come out and see us next year!

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Amy Cooper-Wall’s Summer Internship at the Bonner Group


Since the end of May, I have been a Development Intern at The Bonner Group, a fundraising firm in Washington, D.C. that raises money for both nonprofit organizations and candidates. As a general intern, some of my jobs have been calling prospective donors on behalf of clients and The Bonner Group, writing briefings for executives for potential donor meetings, and assisting with everyday tasks that arise in the office. Gaining more experience with how offices operate and function was very important to me and I have learned a lot in the few weeks I have been here so far.

As a development intern, I have been researching foundations that could contribute to new programs that our clients are beginning, as well as proofreading grant proposals for the Bonner Group Foundation Manager. Before I complete my internship I hope to be able to sit in on conference calls with representatives of the foundations, help to condense the grant proposals into executive summaries, and be able to give the Foundation Manager possible foundations that could support the new program.

In this internship I have really been able to utilize what I’ve learned in my Communication Studies classes. Interpersonal Communication was and will continue to be helpful in day-to-day interactions with colleagues and those who I speak with over the phone. Being able to read both verbal and nonverbal communications is very useful when trying to gain information. Also, the major improvements in my writing that I gained from Research Methods have helped me sound more professional and state my thoughts clearly in everything from emails, phone call scripts, briefings, and write ups on foundations.

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Lizzy Cox’s Summer Internship with the Lincoln Saltdogs

Lizzy Cox Internship Photo

There’s no better place a baseball-lover can work than Haymarket Park. This summer I am interning with the Lincoln Saltdogs as a Promotions and Entertainment Intern. Coming from a big baseball family, I knew this internship would be a perfect fit for me. I’ve loved spending nearly everyday at the ballpark and learning from everyone around me.

As a ‘promo’ intern, I work on a team with five others to plan promotions and activities for upcoming theme nights. We’ve had a variety of themes like; 60’s Night, 90’s Night, Wet n’ Wild Night, Country Night, America Night, and much more. For each of these games, we come up with music and video clip ideas for the Video Operations Manager to play during the game.

We also plan for between-the-inning activities. These are short games sponsored by companies or businesses where we chose contestants to compete for prizes not only for themselves but also for the row/section they are seated. For each theme night we try to think of ways to twist our games to fit. For example, we do a game called “The Dizzy Plunger Challenge”. This is where the contestants spin around a plunger and then try to do a challenge while dizzy. When a theme night comes around, we try to incorporate that theme into the game. My favorite was 70’s night when we made the contestants run down the field, put on a big afro, and run back.

During the games, we run the on-field promos and pass-out coupons to the lucky rows and sections. We are also meant to keep an appearance if any fans need anything. I feel like this aspect of my internship has taught me the most about public relations and communications. I’ve learned to be very flexible and go out of my way to make sure everyone is having a great experience at the ballpark. Sometimes that means going out of our way to help a fan. I was recently helping with a middle-of-the-inning promotion where we throw out softie balls to the crowd when I noticed a little kid, who was very happy to have caught one, accidently throw his back into the audience. I could tell he was really upset so I went up to his family and asked if a popcorn ball would make it better. We don’t have extra softie balls, but we had a bag of extra popcorn balls in the office that the staff was picking at. I could tell I definitely made his night better. Little things like that can be the big difference between a fun night and a terrible night.

As my internship continues, I can’t wait to see what more I can learn. The staff that surrounds me is always willing to answer my crazy questions and help me improve every single day. I’ll never forget my time I’ve spent at Haymarket Park!

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Christy Gammel’s Summer Internship at WorkFit Inc.

Christy internship photo 2This summer I completed my internship at WorkFit Inc. in Omaha Nebraska. WorkFit Inc. is an occupational health facility. They cover many different areas within occupational health. There is a clinic, physical therapy unit, as well as medical-legal services.

I interned for Holly Hollenbeck, JD, who is the Director of Business Development as well as a Work Comp Consultant. She is in charge of the marketing and other areas of the business. Because she is the one mainly involved with the clients, I was able to learn and be involved in many different areas.

During my internship, I worked in a client sales management system. I designed an advertisement for the Rotary directory and I was able to design a business card for my supervisor. I helped organize and run a safety training workshop and conference.

One of the main things I gained experience from was participating in the meetings. Holly is responsible for many different kinds of meetings. Account management meetings, prospect meetings and even client trainings. Another responsibility of mine was to organize and run two health fair booths.

Throughout my amazing experience at WorkFit Inc. I was able to apply many communication concepts and ideas. There were many times I had one- on-one contact with the clients of WorkFit Inc. I applied skills and use concepts I learned from my communication classes. I had to be able to communicate with many different types of people throughout my time interning. My interpersonal communication skills were put to good use. The client meetings, health fairs, the safety training and communicating with my supervisor as well as other office members, are a few examples of when I was able to use what I learned over the last four years. I was also able to see how presentation skills I learned from Communication in the Professions were useful and helpful to have and understand. Holly and the other speakers at the safety training did a great job of demonstrating how presentations are necessary, no matter where you work.

Overall, I had a great experience at my internship! I feel more prepared to use my skills and knowledge I gained from my Communication classes and my internship to a job in the near future!

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