Sarah Fili’s Internship with 10/11 News

Sarah Fili Photo

I’m a senior here at NWU, and I’ve spent the last year interning at 10/11 News in Lincoln. I am a news intern, which means I work with the anchors and reporters to put together a newscast that airs in the Lincoln viewing area. My day consists of coming into the station with ideas for news stories that reporters could cover, then gathering for a meeting to determine what will be covered that day. After the stories and formats are assigned, I help reporters to research their stories and contact people who we could possibly interview for the story. When we finally have interviews set up, we grab our camera and tripod and get on our way! When we get to our interview I help reporters set up equipment, then help them conduct their interviews, asking questions and digging deeper into the story. After the interview, we return to the station and start writing our stories. New to 10/11 this year, we have acquired several stations, and even lunched a completely new show, meaning our content is shared through several news stations. I then write news stories for the web in AP style, and also write script for the teleprompters in broadcast style. I edit the video as well that airs in the newscasts. I have been learning what it takes to fulfill all the positions in a newsroom such as video journalist, reporter, anchor and producer. I provide news content to several platforms, live and on the web, as well as social media accounts. I accompany reporters to their live shots and even get to record a few of my own sometimes! I answer phones for news tips, post text, video and photos to the web channels, input scores from sports games into the database, write script for newscasts, and log photo and video into our database. I’ve written my own packages and vo/sots (news terms for story formats) that have aired during live newscasts. I’ve finished shooting my ‘reel’ which is basically the broadcast journalism version of a resume and cover letter. This semester, I have really honed my producing skills at 10/11, which is an invaluable skill in the news industry.

In the news industry, I use my interpersonal skills daily. I am constantly in contact with other people, whether it be my co-workers, or when I am interviewing people for a story. My interpersonal skills are used every day to contact people to speak for stories or to schedule an interview. I am also using my writing skills daily to write scripts, write web stories, and publish content for all the media platforms. I have learned the organizational culture and hierarchy. The newsroom has a subtle hierarchy and it and it can be seen in meetings with the news team. The assignments manager and news director are in charge and are always asking the tougher questions. There is also an organizational structure that dictates the newsroom activities. There are constant deadlines that are put in place to assure the newscasts air on time. There is also a structural rundown that we must follow to keep newscasts running smoothly. This can be helpful in keeping structure, but can also hinder the creativity of the organization in the future. The organization also fits the systems theory well, as we are all interdependent parts working together to make a finished product. We also have permeable boundaries, as we rely on our community to give us tips and help us create the news, but we are also closed enough to keep things we need to private.

My dream is still to be a nightly news anchor although now I understand the hard work and dedication it takes to make it there. I have been blessed to have spent my last year interning with 10/11, making connections that will last a lifetime and friendships that will carry me through the difficult times and the happy times. If all goes well, you’ll see me behind the cameras in a few short months! If you have any questions or just want to talk to me about my internship, feel free to contact me at

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Bayley Becher’s internship with the Department of Health and Human Services

Bayley Beecher photo

This semester I have an internship with the Department of Health and Human Services Injury Prevention sector.  I am developing a promotional tool kit to be used by Tai Chi instructors.  I am also assisting with logistics  training for Tai Chi.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to meet Sumon a resident of Oregon. He is the national Tai Chi expert. Sumon is in Nebraska to give a refresher course to Tai Chi instructors.  Sumon is being assisted by Holly, a Columbus resident who is the key leader in Nebraska for Tai Chi.

When I’m not assisting with Tai Chi items, I am helping with the monthly newsletter or helping with different traffic safety items.  I appreciate seeing the work I’m doing being put to use.

I am using persuasion to create tool kits so that people are interested and persuaded into either instructing or taking Tai Chi. I continually communicate with my supervisors so I know exactly what they expect of me and how they want things done.  A huge portion of the day is practicing the skills I learned in interpersonal communication.

Throughout my internship with DHHS I’ve been applying numerous techniques we’ve discussed in our communication classes on a daily basis.

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Miles Wade’s Internship at Sandhills Publishing

Miles Wade pic

One of the best things about being a Communication Studies major is career wise, the opportunities are endless. I am currently a sales intern at Sandhills Publishing, located here, in Lincoln. Never in my life did I expect to pursue a career in sales, but by far, this has been the greatest learning experience of my life.

Over the summer, I was very fortunate to participate in the Sandhills Publishing internship program. I was given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the company through actual hands-on experience. Some of these experiences include traveling, distributing and contributing to our trade publications, and assisting clients.

As a sales intern at Sandhills, I am constantly communicating/interacting with clients whether it’s face to face or over the phone. My main duty as an intern is to assist clients with the advertisement of their equipment (farm equipment, construction equipment, trucks/trailers, etc.). Once I have shared information about our different advertising options and the client has selected the appropriate route, I then create an ad that will later be featured in one of our many trade publications such as TractorHouse, Truck Paper, MarketBook, and Machinery Trader.

When I’m not working on advertisements, I am generally working on my transition as an intern to a full-time sales representative. This work includes researching industry related companies in the area of the United States that I have been assigned and educating them with information regarding the services we provide as well as the various ways that our services will benefit their company.

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Jordyn Daubman’s Internship at Elegant Occasions Gowns

Daubman intern photo

Some people are passionate about politics, horseback riding, or baking. And then, there are people like me – people passionate about love and weddings. Ever since childhood, I have been dreaming about the day I can plan a wedding (not necessarily my own)! I am obsessed with bridal shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings.” It has been my lifelong dream to be a wedding planner and make bride’s dreams come true. So, it was a no brainer when deciding where to do my Senior internship – at a bridal store! For the past two months I have been interning at Elegant Occasions Gowns in Lincoln, NE, where my official title is Bridal Specialist.

In short, I welcome customers, assist brides in selecting, trying on, and ordering gowns, and attend bridal fairs/shows. One of my main projects so far has been helping the owner re-tag all inventory in the store. This has been quite the task, as she has over 300 bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and prom/homecoming dresses! I have also attended two bridal fairs with my boss, both of which were in Lincoln. During the bridal fairs I informed brides about our store, promoted our inventory reduction sale (which already happened), and modeled a gown in a fashion show. As my internship progresses and I continue to learn the ins and outs of the bridal industry, I will ease into coming up with ideas and posts for the blog.

As you can imagine, communication is key in the bridal industry! We are always communicating – from explaining our store layout, to pricing, to forming friendly relationships with the bride. All of these entail the use of interpersonal skills. At Elegant Occasions, we focus on forming and maintaining relationships with our brides! We want to be there every step of the way – from finding the gown, to choosing bridesmaid dresses and tuxes, to the wedding day, and even after. Therefore, customer service is of utmost importance to us.

Another instance in which I have used skills learned from communication classes is when brides and their entourage ask for your opinion of a dress, and you have to provide one. This is where both my interpersonal communication and impromptu speaking skills from Communication in the Professions come in. Additionally, I have been noticing that my personal identity has changed since I have began my internship at Elegant Occasions. In Organizational Communication, we are currently learning about organizational identity and how it can impact your personal identity. Something I have noticed is that my personal identity has merged with my organizational identity. In essence, when my organization is threatened or complimented, I personally feel the threat or the compliment. I have grown a special connection with Elegant Occasions!

I am truly grateful that I found an internship that I am passionate about. I can only hope that within the next six months I am lucky enough to find a job that fulfills my passion. For now, I will continue to enjoy doing something I love every day.

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Jennifer Heywood’s Internship with NWU’s Marketing Office!

Heywood Photo

I’m the graphic design intern at Nebraska Wesleyan University’s marketing office. This means I’m learning and using tools with design and web programs, collaborating with team members on projects, using research to better reach an audience with design, and paying attention to detail and corrections to design materials.

The projects I work on range anywhere from the athletic sports schedule to homecoming t-shirts. Some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on have been ads for Archways magazine or invitations for the annual holiday open house. I’m also a photographer for the office so I set up and am in charge of photo shoots. I’m currently progressing my InDesgin, Illustrator, Photoshop and Bridge skills.

I see some communication concepts coming through at my internship. The layout of the office is a one floor office space. Everyone is in their own office except the student workers and interns share an office. I believe this speaks volumes to how our office functions. Everyone seems to be on the same level. Though there is a hierarchy in place, I’m not intimidated by it. I can approach anyone in the office with questions and they are happy to help.

It’s great to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. I’ve been able to enjoy over a year and a half at this office and I look forward to my upcoming months.

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Katie Bruns’ Internship at the Weary Center at NWU!

Katie Bruns Picture

Ever since I can remember, sports and athletic events have been something I am incredibly passionate about; around this time a year ago, I finally realized I wanted to have a career that enables me to be a part of the sports culture. Interning at the Weary Center has allowed me to get some hands on experience with not only sports, but open recreation and event planning/management as well, which are also career interests for me. I have been working in the Weary Center for almost two years and have absolutely loved it. When I realized I could pursue an internship there, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

My experience so far has consisted of a wide variety of responsibilities such as working to improve the campus recreation social media efforts, writing articles/posting announcements for the Weary Center’s website and Facebook page, Tweeting announcements, creating fliers and bulletin boards, interacting with other members of the open recreation staff, and so much more. I aspire to have a job that constantly enables me to be in touch with my inner creativity, whether it be through social media, writing articles, creating fliers, etc. To be able to get hands-on experience with these aspirations, especially in relation to sports, has been a really cool opportunity for me. Every day I learn something new, and to be learning these things before I enter the “real world” this May, is truly incredible.

This internship journey would not even be possible without communication. Every time I’m at the Weary Center for my internship, I meet with my supervisor to see what he has planned for me that day. I constantly realize how important it is to be able to communicate effectively with my supervisor because it reduces uncertainty, especially on some of the larger, more complex projects like constructing a bulletin board when I had never done so before.

Often times, amidst the common stresses of college, it can be easy to lose sight of your future goals and what you’re truly passionate about. I’m grateful for my internship at the Weary Center because it constantly reminds me that I’m doing something I love, which is comforting; it’s a sign I’m headed down the right path. As I continue to travel down that path, I am excited to see what’s in store for me these last few weeks as I wrap up my journey as the “Campus Rec Intern.”

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Michala Dockweiler’s Internship with NWU’s Events Coordinator

Dockweiler Photo

When first coming to Wesleyan I knew that a Communication Studies degree would be the right major for me to achieve my dreams of being an events coordinator. I was able to get my feet wet with a Junior Internship in the Alumni/Advancement office on campus at Wesleyan. My official title is the Student Assistant Events Coordinator.

This internship has given me many tremendous opportunities to experience what it is truly like to be an event coordinator. I have been in the Alumni office since January 2014 and was able to continue during the summer as full-time. My responsibilities include help coordinating reunion-planning teams for homecoming, event check-in tables, imputing RSVPs, completing study breaks and organizing care packages. I have helped plan different events from Commencement, Ribbon Cutting for the new Omaha site, Business Summit and Homecoming. Being the student assistant, I also became Wesleyan Alumni Student Association treasurer. It has been wonderful meeting alumni through WASA and becoming more active on campus.

During this internship I have learned many crucial skills needed to successfully execute the responsibilities I am given. Communication is key. It is very important to constantly be in contact with my advisor. My advisor and I now sit down every Monday to map out our week. To-Do lists are lifesavers! Another life lesson I have learned by being in the Alumni office is the earlier you get a project done the smoother events run. My interpersonal communication skills have improved from freshman year with a new sense of self-confidence while welcoming visitors to the office to communicating with Alumni over the phone. As I became more comfortable at meetings, I also found the importance of sharing my opinion and new ideas with the group.

As homecoming just came to a conclusion two weeks ago, I realized I loved my internship and the field that I am in. An adrenaline rush along with a smile came when I was running around attempting to finalize everything for the weekend. Working on Homecoming all summer and finally meeting the Alumni I had corresponded with over phone and email, gave me a sense of accomplishment. I soaked up every minute of Homecoming in while I was running around trying to find staples to attach the tablecloths to the tailgate tables. I cannot wait to start a new event and watch each step come together to create something I am passionate about.

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