Jennifer Heywood’s Internship with NWU’s Marketing Office!

Heywood Photo

I’m the graphic design intern at Nebraska Wesleyan University’s marketing office. This means I’m learning and using tools with design and web programs, collaborating with team members on projects, using research to better reach an audience with design, and paying attention to detail and corrections to design materials.

The projects I work on range anywhere from the athletic sports schedule to homecoming t-shirts. Some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on have been ads for Archways magazine or invitations for the annual holiday open house. I’m also a photographer for the office so I set up and am in charge of photo shoots. I’m currently progressing my InDesgin, Illustrator, Photoshop and Bridge skills.

I see some communication concepts coming through at my internship. The layout of the office is a one floor office space. Everyone is in their own office except the student workers and interns share an office. I believe this speaks volumes to how our office functions. Everyone seems to be on the same level. Though there is a hierarchy in place, I’m not intimidated by it. I can approach anyone in the office with questions and they are happy to help.

It’s great to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. I’ve been able to enjoy over a year and a half at this office and I look forward to my upcoming months.

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Katie Bruns’ Internship at the Weary Center at NWU!

Katie Bruns Picture

Ever since I can remember, sports and athletic events have been something I am incredibly passionate about; around this time a year ago, I finally realized I wanted to have a career that enables me to be a part of the sports culture. Interning at the Weary Center has allowed me to get some hands on experience with not only sports, but open recreation and event planning/management as well, which are also career interests for me. I have been working in the Weary Center for almost two years and have absolutely loved it. When I realized I could pursue an internship there, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

My experience so far has consisted of a wide variety of responsibilities such as working to improve the campus recreation social media efforts, writing articles/posting announcements for the Weary Center’s website and Facebook page, Tweeting announcements, creating fliers and bulletin boards, interacting with other members of the open recreation staff, and so much more. I aspire to have a job that constantly enables me to be in touch with my inner creativity, whether it be through social media, writing articles, creating fliers, etc. To be able to get hands-on experience with these aspirations, especially in relation to sports, has been a really cool opportunity for me. Every day I learn something new, and to be learning these things before I enter the “real world” this May, is truly incredible.

This internship journey would not even be possible without communication. Every time I’m at the Weary Center for my internship, I meet with my supervisor to see what he has planned for me that day. I constantly realize how important it is to be able to communicate effectively with my supervisor because it reduces uncertainty, especially on some of the larger, more complex projects like constructing a bulletin board when I had never done so before.

Often times, amidst the common stresses of college, it can be easy to lose sight of your future goals and what you’re truly passionate about. I’m grateful for my internship at the Weary Center because it constantly reminds me that I’m doing something I love, which is comforting; it’s a sign I’m headed down the right path. As I continue to travel down that path, I am excited to see what’s in store for me these last few weeks as I wrap up my journey as the “Campus Rec Intern.”

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Michala Dockweiler’s Internship with NWU’s Events Coordinator

Dockweiler Photo

When first coming to Wesleyan I knew that a Communication Studies degree would be the right major for me to achieve my dreams of being an events coordinator. I was able to get my feet wet with a Junior Internship in the Alumni/Advancement office on campus at Wesleyan. My official title is the Student Assistant Events Coordinator.

This internship has given me many tremendous opportunities to experience what it is truly like to be an event coordinator. I have been in the Alumni office since January 2014 and was able to continue during the summer as full-time. My responsibilities include help coordinating reunion-planning teams for homecoming, event check-in tables, imputing RSVPs, completing study breaks and organizing care packages. I have helped plan different events from Commencement, Ribbon Cutting for the new Omaha site, Business Summit and Homecoming. Being the student assistant, I also became Wesleyan Alumni Student Association treasurer. It has been wonderful meeting alumni through WASA and becoming more active on campus.

During this internship I have learned many crucial skills needed to successfully execute the responsibilities I am given. Communication is key. It is very important to constantly be in contact with my advisor. My advisor and I now sit down every Monday to map out our week. To-Do lists are lifesavers! Another life lesson I have learned by being in the Alumni office is the earlier you get a project done the smoother events run. My interpersonal communication skills have improved from freshman year with a new sense of self-confidence while welcoming visitors to the office to communicating with Alumni over the phone. As I became more comfortable at meetings, I also found the importance of sharing my opinion and new ideas with the group.

As homecoming just came to a conclusion two weeks ago, I realized I loved my internship and the field that I am in. An adrenaline rush along with a smile came when I was running around attempting to finalize everything for the weekend. Working on Homecoming all summer and finally meeting the Alumni I had corresponded with over phone and email, gave me a sense of accomplishment. I soaked up every minute of Homecoming in while I was running around trying to find staples to attach the tablecloths to the tailgate tables. I cannot wait to start a new event and watch each step come together to create something I am passionate about.

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Morgan Schultz’s Internship with the Alumni/Advancement Office at NWU!

Schultz 1Schultz 2

Unlike many students who embark on their collegiate journey with a designated career in mind, I began at Nebraska Wesleyan completely undecided in my future professional goals. At first, I felt as if I wondered aimlessly around this beautiful Lincoln campus on a lonely road without much direction. This all changed when I discovered the Communication Studies Department tucked away on the third floor of Smith-Curtis. Although I am still unsure of where I would like to end up after college, I know I have unearthed amazing opportunities by joining the league of communication superheroes.

One such opportunity was the ability to participate in a Junior Internship right here on campus. At the end of August, I joined the staff in the Alumni/Advancement Office as the Assistant Student Worker to the Advancement Office. My daily responsibilities include researching obituaries, records, business announcements, and celebration announcements of alumni. Furthermore, I also answer the telephone, greet office guests, and distribute mail.

Two of the primary focuses in the office include homecoming and alumni. Thus, I played a large role in finalizing many homecoming events and projects while working as the Wesleyan Alumni Student Association Junior Representative. One such project was the Memory Book for the Reunion Class of 1974. Creating the book was a multistep process which began by making electronic versions of handwritten forms submitted by the 1974 class. I was given the freedom to craft the entire book, from start to finish, with a unique layout to include each alumni’s information. Another major project I recently completed was the corporate sponsor bulletin board located in the Great Hall of Smith-Curtis.

I have learned an extensive amount about communication channels that occur with the office. It has been extremely interesting to witness personal interactions and “politics” that play out in a professional environment. My internship has given me the opportunity to apply communication concepts to real-world experiences. Interpersonal communication, as a whole, is an extremely important aspect of communication studies that is always applicable in the professional world. Because I began my internship at the start of the fall semester, I utilized a tremendous amount of interpersonal skills when meeting all of the staff members in the alumni and advancement offices. It continues to be useful in every day interactions.

I initially chose to participate in an internship in order to experience different aspects of the communication field. Through my internship in the Alumni/Advancement Office, I have come to realize my future career goals may be in the field of event planning because I truly enjoyed taking part in the homecoming preparation process. I guess we will see where my Senior Internship takes me!

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Rachel Gordon’s Internship with Sodexo

Rachel Photo

A significant amount of my time at Wesleyan has been spent in the coffee house drinking delicious Starbucks coffee while working on homework or socializing with friends. So when the opportunity emerged to intern for Sodexo at NWU I knew it would be a great fit. Sodexo provides the two dining spots on campus, Prairie Point Dining Center and Archway Café. My initially interest in this internship was realizing that I could directly impact campus through my work.

Throughout my experiences as the marketing/communications intern, I have gotten a taste of what it would be like to work in this field. My primary responsibilities included implementing promotions and events to increase sales, customer satisfaction and retention. Each month Sodexo puts on a number of events that I was lucky enough to assist with. The event that we are currently running, Help Stop Hunger, helped reaffirm my future career goals.

This event aimed to increase youth hunger awareness while collecting donations for the community. I’ve always been interested in working with low-income youth, so I was lucky to find an organization that shared similar goals. Sodexo is currently in the process of running a food drive and collecting donations for a local charity. Throughout this event and many others it has been useful to draw on concepts I’ve learned from my communications classes.

Each month I help promote events with signs and posters intended to reach our target audience. Being a college campus, it is unique to see Sodexo operating as a subculture of Nebraska Wesleyan. In addition, the dining hall underwent a massive change this past summer. The layout of the dining hall was complete renovated to have more of a restaurant feel. Not only did the physical aspect of the dining hall change, but the name also changed to Prairie Point Dining Center. It has been interesting to see the students’ reactions to these new changes and renovations. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to acquire all of this knowledge while interning with Sodexo.

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Rhys Williams’ Internship at Department of Justice in DC!

Rhys Williams PhotoGreetings from Washington, DC!   I have had the tremendous opportunity to spend this semester at an internship at the Department of Justice: Public Integrity Section, though Nebraska Wesleyan’s Capitol Hill Internship Program. Immersing myself in Washington, DC and working at my internship have provided a once in a lifetime experience. Because of this, I have been exposed to a great amount of diversity, grown my professional skills, and have improved myself as a communicator.

From the first day I arrived at my office building (a block and a half from the White House!), I began working on investigation-related research, which served as a strong indicator of what was in store for the rest of the semester. As an undergraduate intern, I provided assistance to attorneys and paralegals around the office whenever needed. This set the stage for tremendous exposure to some pretty awesome subject matter. Criminal prosecutors working for the Department of Justice work with some of the most exciting legal cases in the country, and being a part of that process was truly great. There has also been a great diversity in the tasks I have performed. Performing financial analyses, conducting research, transcribing audio recordings and creating file logs via Excel are just a few examples of my responsibilities.

In addition to the exciting subject matter of my work, the office environment and culture has been positive and welcoming. While I enjoy my work a great deal, being able to talk to professionals throughout the office has been amazing. Each person brings their individual experience and perspective to their jobs, and absorbing their advice has been invaluable. Thanks to my Communication Studies Courses, I have both the confidence and skills necessary to interact with these impressive professionals. I have been able to watch the whole section come together for strategy sessions, which displayed the tremendous group mentality that the Public Integrity Section possesses.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have this opportunity at the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice. The skills I have acquired will definitely help me grow as a scholar and young processional. Living in Washington, DC and being a member of an amazingly talented and motivated team is an experience I won’t soon forget!


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Meet our Communication Student of the Week… Gabriel Rivera

Gabriel Rivera

Hometown: Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico

Birthday: October 27, 1995

Major/Minor: Communication and Art, Marketing Minor

Favorite Food: Macaroons

Future Goals: Work at Disney doing their advertisements!

Favorite Comm. Memory: Doing Yoga for the first time in my life with Karla!

Who is your celebrity crush? Tina Fey

If you were stuck on an island and could only have one thing, what would it be? My “Bossypants” book! Or a Nintendo 3DS full of old school Nintendo games.

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