Who are we?

Students who study Communication at NWU enjoy a broad based education in the field. This multidisciplinary program prepares students to understand the role of communication in creating effective personal and professional relationships and communities. Students develop broad-based knowledge and skills for interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational settings.  The program combines communication theory and application, emphasizing ethics and dialogic principals.

In addition to their coursework, students have an opportunity to apply their knowledge through our extensive internship program, service learning, and study abroad. In recent years students have earned internships in Lincoln, New York, Billings, Denver and Washington DC.

Many of our students choose to examine the cultural implications of communication by devoting a few weeks, a semester, or a year to study abroad. Whether students decide to explore the streets of Florence through the Communication Studies Summer Italy trip or study for a semester in Europe, Asia or Africa, the experiences are rich and life changing.

It is the combination of a strong curriculum and real world experiences that helps Communication Studies graduates reach their personal and professional goals.

cheers to communication studies scholars

Toasting a great showing at the Nebraska Undergraduate Research Conference.


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